Alpenhotel Wittelsbach Ruhpolding
History of Quality The Wittelsbach hotel shows proudly its history without beeing old fashioned. Back into the 19th century we learn about tradition and dedication to qualitiy hosting. Since 5 generations we live and strive for guests satisfaction.

Brewery since 1872 . . .

Since 1872 a brewery with bowling alley and ice cellar was on the premises.

1888 Georg Stockmaier opens Hotel

In 1886 he started to build the hotel. Italian builders come to Ruhpolding and build several houses in Italian Alpine style. Also the Hotel "Gasthof Stockmaier" todays Alpenhotel Wittelsbach, wich opened in August 1888 under beer brewer Georg Stockmaier and his wife Maria..

1892 New "Glassalon"

In July 1892 todays "Veranda" opens. 1898 bowling alley is beeing taken apart and replaced by  the "Villa Rauschberg" building on top of the beer cellar.
In the repertories one can read: "Appartment house with stable, butchery, wash house and bakery, brewery with cool cellar, vegetable garden.

Anton Gillitzer moves to Ruhpolding . . .

. . . and aquires the Gasthof in 1906. He is from Munich and has successfully already worked abroad in London, Paris and on an Atlantic Cruise Liner. His uncle Thomas Gillitzer had built famous hotel "Deutscher Kaiser" in Rosenheim, which at this time was said to have been the most elegant hotel of Upper Bavaria.

1913 Margarethe follows to Ruhpolding

. . . and merries Anton. Margarethe Berghammer is from a little Bavarian town called Ampfing and derives from a big family of inn keepers. From now on she is the land lady of the hotel in Ruhpolding.

Four girls born

Until 1920 they give birth to 4 girls. The second, Elisabeth, later takes over the hotel from her parents. In 1936 she merries Eduard Conrad, again he is from Munich with roots in Liechtenstein.

War years

In 1937 within one year they give birth to (again) tree girls. Ingeborg in January and twins Lieselotte and Rosemarie in December. They call it a three-girls-house. At the beginning of the war business in Ruhpolding is still very good. Later the hotel has been taken over by the Nazi-regime to host mothers and their children and later to become a war hospital. After the war Americans use the hotel for the soldiers and refugees. It was not before 1948 that Eduard got permission to run his hotel again, completely damaged. To refurbish he has to sell many parts of the Wittelsbach premises. 

The 50s and 60s . . .

953 the couple divorces and Eduard leaves off to Munich. Elisabeth leads the hotel on to international success on her own. She is well known for her charme and high standards of Bavarian hospitality. Youngest daughter Rosemarie was sent to hotel schools in Munich, Austria and Switzerland in order to learn the business and help her mother as soon as possible. 1959 a lift has been built into the hotel.


A man from the Rhine area comes to Ruhpolding. . .

. . . and falls in love with Rosemarie. Wolfgang Eismann, from Königswinter near Bonn, beeing a hotel's guest has an eye on the daughter of the house. Not easy but after a few visits he manages to go out with her and they get merried in 1964. They have three boys (what a change). In  1973 they take over the hotel. In 1978 the hotels exclusively works with Landschaftsverband Rheinland for 5 years.

1986 all rooms refurbished

All rooms are being refurbished with Italian furniture. The underground parking garage is beeing built by the Ruholding authorities. Marcus, the youngest son trains in the Black Forest's famous hotel "Traube-Tonbach". Brother Frank trains butcher inhouse and Ralph trains to be a bar keeper.

4th Generation of the hotel

1992 Marcus comes home after working in London's Savoy Hotel. He brings Anja who is from Essen. They had first met in Black Forest and get merried in June 1993. 
1996 they build the hotel bar and renovate the restaurant kitchen. They have three children: Katharina, Sebastian and Anne-Sophie. They take over the hotel in 2010.

Extensive Refurbishment

In 2010-2011 from cellar to roof the hotel goes under a deep refurbishment. To combine the old family tradtion with modern Design they strive for.  The hotel outside is beeing restored in 2011. Also the Restaurant then was new designed.

Find out more details about the intersting hotel's history in our Gillitzer's Journal 2nd edition