Alpenhotel Wittelsbach Ruhpolding
Marcus Eismann is an awarded TeaMaster Gold and specialist in Tea. He loves tea. Guests love tea.

Marcus is a certified TeaMaster® Gold. He went through sveral steps of training through the years to become an awarded TeaMaster in the land of tea Sri Lanka in 2010. Today he offers more than 70 different teas of highest qualities to guests of the Alpenhotel Wittelsbach and Gillitzer's restaurant, lounge & garden.To read the tea menu is already exciting, to enjoy the actual teas is more.

Learn about the difference in qualities, origin, productions of teas. Try the Chai teas, Oolong teas or the most famous Japanese tea specialty. At Alpenhotel Wittelsbach and Gillitzer's tea is just tea, but mind you: There is nothing nicer thank a nice cup of tea!

In the land of Ceylon-teas

In September 2010 Marcus Eismann went on his journey into the land of tea Sri Lanka. After he thought he had already known all about tea he there really learnt a lot again. He even was made to pick the tea leaves in a plantage for organic black highgrown Ceylon tea. His knowledge today is something guests of the Wittelsbach and Gillitzer's take advantage of while they enjoy world famous tea specialties.

New as of June 2017: Katharina Eismann is going to join in as TeaMaster Silver - Welcome on board!

Marcus Eismann bei der Tee-Ernte

Tea-Tasting with the TeaMaster®

Be part of the tea group on Mondays 4pm for approx. 1 hour to learn about tea and go through an original tea tasting of 8 different premium teas. Takes place every Monday from 4 people min. attendence at €11 per person. Please book in advance.

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