Alpenhotel Wittelsbach Ruhpolding
An example of our dishes and offered drinks

What they serve at Gillitzer's

Klassic dishes in our Restaurant for example:

to start with . . .
Salad from the salad bar 5 50
Beef stock with thin sliced pancakes 4 60
Pumpkin cream soup  5 50
Bavarian Liverdumpling soup  5 50
Clear tomato soup with basil dumplings 7 50
Cream soup of Cepe mushrooms 7 50
Carpaccio of beef filet with parmesan cheese 11 50
Carpaccio of air dried ham of venison 9 80
Fried goat cheese in bacon coat 8 95
Prawns fried in potato coat with Chilidip 9 80
Gillitzer’s Prawncocktail 9 80

For everybody's taste . . .
Home made spätzle with cheese and leek  10 50
Mixed salad with breaded chicken breast 12 50
Local pasta with potato and sour cream filled, cherry tomatoes and ruccola 12 50
Marinates salmon on hash browns with sour cream and salad garnish 14 50
Corn fed chicken breast in Orange-Curry sauce with vegetabels and rice 16 50

Gillitzer’s classic dishes
Swiss Mountain hut schnitzel
with tomato, ham & cheese and home made spätzle 12 50
Filled beef roulade with red cabbage and mashed potatoes 14 50
Minced deer burgers with mushroom sauce, Brussls sprouts and spätzle 14 50
Thin cut veal steaks in Gorgonzal sauce
with home made pasta and spinach 16 80
Filet of pork medaillons
with mushroom sauce, vegetables and spätzle 16 80
Filet of pork sliced in green pepper sauce with vegetables and hash browns 16 50
Gillitzer‘s Wiener Schnitzel of veal
with French fries, cranberries and salad 16 50
Sirloin steak of Bavarian Beef
with Sauce Bernaise, green beans and French fries 22 50
Filet of beef sliced Stroganoff with vegetables and hash browns 19 80
Threesome of venison, deer and wild boar
with elderberry sauce, mushrooms and spätzle 19 80
Filet of beef in green pepper sauce
with green beans and croquettes 25 50
Fried medaillons of venison
with brokkoli, cranberry peach and croquettes 25 50

Fish Specialities
Fried trout
– off the bone–  with potatoes and salad  14 50
Grilled filet of salmon with asparagus,
Sauce Hollandaise and parsley potatoes 16 80
Fried filet of perch with lemon-caper-butter
on spianch with parsley potatoes 16 80
Grilled Langoustines with tomato rice and salad 25 50

Gillitzer's puddings. . . .
Panna Cotta
with elderberry sauce 5 50
Blueberry dumplings
with custard 6 50
Apple Fritters in cinamon sugar with vanilla ice cream 6 50
Crépe with vanilla ice, chocolate sauce and whipped cream 7 50
Ice cream parfait with fresh fruits 7 50
Local cheese selection with fig mustard 9 80
Pudding selection for 2 on Gillitzer's rack 17

All dishes are shown for example and without guarantee. Prices shown give an idea but can vary through the season.


Beside these we do offer seasonal food, fresh fish, asparagus, season vegetables, vension, lamb, kidneys, liver, etc.

There is a daily menu choice of two starter, two soups, three main courses and two desserts at menu price

Otherwise we are pleased to cook for vegetarians, vegans, people with allergies our special food programme: Gourmet-Vital-Chiemgau. Specially sorted out, mainly local and organic, Enjoyment without regret! Glutenfree cooking is no huzzle to our chef and also other wishes and needs are welcome to be looked after. Just let us know, please.


A wide range of local and international beverages are in stock. Local beers, fine German and international wines, etc.

Fine famous Whiskeys, Malts, Gins. Local schnaps, house schnaps, etc... 

Coffee Specialties of highest level,  with local coffee and more . . . see the Gillitzer's Journal

Legendary tea selection worth to try.

Did we forget something? We are sure to have the right things for you and look forward to welcome you at Gillitzer's.